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Breast of Canada 2008: Promoting Women's Health

Art Jam

Art Jam is a way of life. If you practice these 8 guidelines daily, you too will start to notice a change in your creativity level and general well being.

1. be brave
Please stay calm; breath deeply; pause and give your risks a reality check. Then roar like a lion.

2. be here now
Forget yesterday. It's gone. Never mind tomorrow. It might not come. Try NOW on for size.

3. I can
Mostly, it's not rocket science.

4. no wrong
There are millions of different ways of seeing everything.

5. good job
Just in case I forget, give yourself a pat on the back. You are reading this.

6. imagination
Your most unique quality is within you.

7. have fun
Join in and let loose.

8. be fun
Bring fun to others whenever possible.

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