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In November of 2002, I applied to be on the Guelph Mercury Community Editorial Board. This is our cities daily newspaper. I had to write a sample editorial and chose to rant about cell phone drivers. In short, they scare the daylights out of me. Guess I crossed my t's and dotted my i's correctly because, low and behold, I was asked to join the fifteen member team making this my first paid to be a writer job.

How cool is that?

I've learned that my style falls into a new or rather growing category called "narrative non-fiction." Basically, I write how I talk. And I think of you as I'm putting words on the page. I want my sentences to flow from one to another, kind of like a song, and be full of detail, kind of like a picture.

There will be an new edition to this page each month until at least November so please come back. A new writer needs an audience to grow with.

Sue's two year stint on the Guelph Mercury Editorial Board has ended. If you'd like to continue following along with the Guelph adventure, please check out her photo blog at Blog Guelph.

Contact Sue Richards at [email protected]

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