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Feb. 12, 2003

Dead Bra Day

It's time to bring out your dead -- your dead bras that is. Thursday has been declared Dead Bra Day by the Breast of Canada calendar creator-- a day to pitch those tired old bras hiding in the the back of dresser drawers. [Guelph Mercury]

Dec. 2002

12 Months of Awareness

Interview with Marshall Ward of Echo Magazine
Issue # 10 Volume 6

Dec 4, 2002

Facts & Arguments

I keep a photo hanging in my home office that was taken on a cold, snowy January day in 2001, just as the sun was going down on Guelph Lake; it captures a pivotal, life-defining moment for me. Read Sue's letter to the Globe and Mail.

Nov. 2002

Breast of Canada Calendar 2003

Photo Life - November Issue

Nov. 2002

Cause for Thought 

Canadian Living - November Issue 

Oct 13, 2002

Artistic portraits of women's breasts are one way to draw attention to the subject of breast health.

The Breast of Canada 2003 calendar "is guaranteed to inspire conversation," says publisher Sue Richardson, of Guelph's Art Jam. "If people aren't talking about what causes breast cancer or how to prevent it, they're certainly not doing anything about it." [Toronto Sun]

Oct. 3, 2002

Shop until cancer drops

Retailers donate portion of sales dollars to research

Time was when the only way to donate to a worthy cause was to give money to a canvasser. Now there is a multitude of ways you can help find a cure for breast cancer and they involve buying quality merchandise that you'd probably purchase anyway. [Toronto Star]

Oct. 3, 2002

Self-examination saved woman's life

Experts maintain that checking yourself can still lead to early detection

Adrienne Winslow credits breast self-examination with saving her life.
And she says women who neglect the procedure are gambling with their health. [Toronto Star]

Oct. 1, 2002

What's best for breasts 'is dialogue'

Sue Richards is no boob. 

After losing her shirt -- in every way -- on last year's premier Breast Of Canada calendar, she has bounced back with a new edition for 2003 and enough pre-paid orders to make sure the project doesn't fall flat again. [The Hamilton Spectator Health

Sep. 27, 2002

Uplifting calendar

The second annual Breast of Canada calendar (is) designed to "promote awareness of women's breast health" and to "inspire conversation. 
[Toronto Star]

Sep 2002

Breast of Canada calendar unveiled

The Breast of Canada 2003 calendar was unveiled in Guelph on Sept. 12 amid continuing controversy stirred by last year's calendar. Labeled as pornography by some and hailed as an artistic masterpiece by others, the 2002 calendar featured the naked breasts of women aged 18 to 40. [SPOKE magazine]

Sep 13, 2002

A calendar worth your attention

Sometimes unexpected blessings can flow from adversity. Sue Richards knows all about that. [Editorial in The Guelph Mercury]

Sep 13, 2002

Breast calendar acts as a conversation starter

Sue Richards guarantees she has a way to start conversations. 

Thursday's launch in Guelph for the 2003 Breast of Canada calendar comes with just such an assurance. [read story]

Sep 12, 2002

Breast Health Calendar Aims to Inspire Awareness

A calendar designed to promote awareness of women's breast health should also get Canadians talking about a much-needed national breast cancer prevention movement. [media release]

June 25, 2002

Setback turning into stroke of luck for breast calendar creator 

Sue Richards knows about the serendipity entrepreneurs occasionally enjoy. [story]

May 30, 2002

Second Canadian Breast Health Calendar In Production 

After putting the issue of breast health and breast cancer prevention in the spotlight last year, the ground-breaking Breast of Canada calendar is getting ready for a return engagement this fall. Media Release

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