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2004 Calendar News and Reviews

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Feb 13, 2004

Time to say goodbye to an old friend

This is an uplifting story, even though it points to the end of a double life and a loving relationship. You already know it's Friday the 13th but you may not know it's Dead Bra Day -- the day women are to go to their lingerie drawer and ditch all their old, dead bras. [The Hamilton Spectator]

Feb. 12, 2004

Media Release

There is a group of Canadian women for whom Dead Bra Day is more than a date on a calendar. This dynamic group of women known as the Canadian Association of Professional Bra-makers have dedicated themselves to give women back their womanhood by having available to them custom made bras that are beautiful, sexy and supportive. Best of all, they fit! [story]

Feb. 7, 2004

Mujeres luchan contra cáncer de mama con audaces iniciativas

Proyectos buscan mostrar la fortaleza de quienes ganaron la batalla contra un tumor de mama. La Tercera, Chile

Feb. 5, 2005

Calendar Girls, the film true to real experience

Part way through the feel good flick "Calendar Girls", I had the urge to stand up in the new Galaxy Theatre and invite the mostly female audience to be calendar girls in the Guelph- based, 2005 Breast of Canada Calendar. [story]

Jan. 2, 2004 The following story appeared in all of the following newspapers.
  • The Hartford Courant, Connecticut
  • South Florida Sun-Sentinel, FL
  • Alameda Times-Star, CA
  • Arizona Republic, AZ

The Nude Year
People Of All Persuasions, Dimensions Show Their All In Calendars To Raise Money For Charities Of Their Choice
By CAROLE GOLDBERG, Courant Books Editor

Dec. 23, 2003

Calendar a treasure chest for breast health

By Erica Simpson
The Halifax Herald Limited
Crossing the street one night on the way to a Christmas soiree, Sue Richards was stopped in the middle of the street.

"Hi," a stranger said. "You're the breast woman, aren't you?" [story]

Sep. 27, 2003

The Globe and Mail

Shopping for a Greater Cause
By Jessica Johnson- Style Section

....Most originally, the "Breast of Canada " calendar invites one to contemplate the beauty of the breast through nude portraits. The Ottawa Folklore Centre is the "A Cup Sponsor" of the calendar which is available in bookstores and at


Girlfriends Magazine
November Issue

Cheap and Cheerful Gifts - Breast of Canada offers fresh breasts every month.

Fall 2003 Balance Magazine
Courage to Be Me
By Marly ( BoC Ms. October 2004)

Click, click. Click, click, click. That was the sound of the camera, almost a year ago, recording the sadness, empathy, hope, and joy in my eyes in with the broader shots of the two mastectomy scars misaligned across my chest. I had wanted a private photojournal, a kind of personal tribute, to the history these scars represented because, after being almost 3 years without my left breast and one and a half without the other, I was finally about to undertake a transformation through breast reconstruction. [story]

Oct. 2003

Tribute to a Personal Hope Chest

Click, click. Click, click, click. That was the sound of the camera, almost a year ago, recording the sadness, empathy, hope, and joy in my eyes in the broader shots of the two mastectomy scars misaligned across my chest. [Article]

Oct. 5, 2003

Breast of Canada Calendar

The Guelph Youth Music Centre Theatre held not only the calendar launching but a one-act play also about breasts called “the Strong Breast Revolution.” These two breast-centred events brought our floppy friends to the limelight, while they are usually kept hidden beneath layers and constricted by social taboos. [story]

Oct. 4, 2003

Calendar and play artfully educate women
about their bodies

Augmented breasts and assault weapons; do you see the difference?
[Echo Magazine - week of October 2 —8, 2003]

Oct. 4, 2003

Play launches calendar for Breast of Canada

There is nothing quite comparable to the experience of sitting behind an entire rowing team of breast cancer survivors, (led by coach Pat Richards, of the University of Guelph's Athletic Centre), watching a play called The Strong Breast Revolution. [Guelph Mercury]

Oct. 2, 2003

Stunning triumph in Guelph!

The play referred to on the TERA website ( (September 15) was premiered tonight in Guelph, Ontario, to a standing ovation. And so deserved it was! The Strong Breast Revolution, directed by Vicki Hambley and co-written by her and the actors, is the kind of artistic creation TERA has been looking for throughout its existence.
[full story]

Sep.3, 2003

Play aims to reach above stereotypes; One-act drama Strong Breast Revolution based on experiences of its four actors

There are small ones, big ones, saggy ones, perky ones, floppy ones, soft ones, hard ones and even leaky ones. And that's the message Vicki Hambley wants to get out. [Mercury]

Sep. 9, 2003

CTV News at Noon

with Nancy Richards

Sep. 5, 2003

Take Back the Breast
Third Canadian Breast Health Calendar on its Way

After a dramatic surge in interest and sales last year, a controversial calendar aimed at raising awareness about breast health is getting ready for a return engagement this September.

The third annual Breast of Canada calendar will be launched during a nine-show run of the production "The Strong Breast Revolution," an original one-act play written and performed by five University of Guelph students. [Full Release]

Jun. 23, 2003

Calendar rings in sales of $8,000

If the pre-order sales of next year's Breast of Canada calendar are any indication, 2004 will be a very good year for Guelph's Sue Richards. [Guelph Mercury]


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