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Would you be willing to help promote breast health and breast cancer prevention? Here are four easy ways for you to become a Breast Ambassador and lend a helping hand:

  1. Become a Sponsor. You can be our Breast Friend for $100 or take out our D Cup Sponsorship for $10,000. Many sizes in between!
    Contact Sue Richards
  2. Donate money to the Breast of Canada Calendar Project. Any amount will help. We are a grass roots, artist driven initiative with no public funding. If you like what we're doing, you can help us do it.
    Email us. We accept MC/ Visa/ Cheques and payment by PayPal.
  3. Buy a calendar(s)... and we'll give your calendar to the Canadian Women's Health Network to distribute to a Canadian woman who is on a fixed income. We'll tell CWHN who you are OR keep you anonymous - it's up to you. Or, we'll send it to an organization or individual of your choice. Either way, you are helping out.
    Drop us an email.
  4. Learn how to do a Breast Self Examination This is your chance to play doctor with someone you care about. We call this a win win situation. It also might be fun.


What you should know about Male Breast Cancer

Male breast cancer makes up less than 1% of all cases of breast cancer.

Radiation exposure, high levels of estrogen, and a family history of breast cancer can affect a man's risk of developing breast cancer.

Survival for men with breast cancer is similar to survival for women with breast cancer.

More information is available from the Canadian Breast Cancer Network .

And keep up with the latest news at The Breast Views Blog.

Contact Sue Richards at [email protected]

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