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The Breast Story
Chapter 1 - Be a friend, remind a friend

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Sue Richards shares a personal story of how she was inspired to launch this groundbreaking project and how she hopes her journey will encourage other women to take Breast Health into their own hands. My family was not blessed with good health. As a result, I became highly motivated to live a fun, healthy, balanced life.  My approach is simple and fairly effect. Day by day, I try to eat well. I walk. I choose work that inspires me and I exercise my imagination. I am a fun seeker. I like challenge.  

Breast of Canada came to me in bits and pieces. On a serious note, I learned that I was doing my Breast Self Examinations (BSE) improperly. This concerned me given the realities we know about the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Upon further investigation, I discovered that my friends were not practicing breast health either. There seemed to be an information gap that needed to be filled.

On a lighter side, I loved the creative energy of photographer Melanie Gillis and graphic designer Gareth Lind and I wanted to work with them.

The idea of exploring breasts from a non-sexual perspective struck my imagination. It was time to "Take Back the Breast" and celebrate them in all their glory.

And so it began.

Breast of Canada 2002 Calendar  is artist created and both independently financed and published.

The reactions to Breast of Canada have been strong, to say the least!

I have been stopped in the grocery store and told how important this project is by a breast cancer survivor. Strangers have told me they are proud of me. At a recent conference, a man gave me twenty dollars just because he admired creative enterprise.

A medical professional referred to the calendar as pornographic. A breast cancer charity called it too controversial and refused my donation. A hospital foundation refused to allow me to sell it in their lobby as a fundraiser for them.

A mom bought one for her twelve year old son who had recently been found searching porn sites on the internet. She understood his natural curiosity and wanted to provide him with a non-sexual perspective of a woman's body.

Some people love it but don't know where they would hang it. I suggest a simple approach. Take your time with it. Get comfortable. Embrace the idea of breasts as a focus of celebration. Eventually, you will know where to hang it.

Please consider giving this calendar to a breast owner that you love. You too can become a breast ambassador and join in a world wide Breast Celebration.

Breast Wishes,

Sue Richards Empress of Concept and Direction - Breast of Canada 2002 Calendar

Contact Sue Richards at [email protected]

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