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The Breast Story
Chapter 3 - Phew and Yikes!

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This pretty much sums up the relief I feel being able to publish a second Breast of Canada calendar and the anxiety I feel of taking another run at bringing the Breast of Canada calendar to the world market. 

Calendar publishing is no walk in the park. Firefighters, girl guides, insurance companies, banks, garages, causes of every description and full on publishing houses are all hoping to get their calendars to hang on your walls. Some of them are FREE for the taking. Others arrive in your mail without you requesting them. Thousands are stuffed into retail racks in stores across this continent leaving the consumer with a choice of images that range from horses to hogs. Competition is as intense as competition comes. 

But that's not all. Calendars have a very specific shelf life. They tend to start appearing in stores around August and are banished from the racks by mid January. This of course comes after the price is slashed to nothing on December 26. Yah, it's a challenging, heart breaking business. 

So what would inspire a reasonably sane person like myself to enter such a world and create a calendar using a subject matter that, well -- as we say here in Guelph -- will "Inspire Conversation"? 

Call me crazy, but it seemed that the average wall calendar was being under utilized. I wondered what would happen if I made a calendar that was more than a place to record birthdays and dentist appointments? 

Could I take this universally understood, affordable household product, inject it with current health information, bold creativity and fresh wit and package it together in a way that would raise awareness and funds for breast health and breast cancer prevention AND inspired you to consider a healthier lifestyle on a day to day basis? 

I knew I could try. 

With the help of an incredibly talented team and the support of hundreds of calendar buyers, I believe we have done just that. In our opinion, Breast of Canada 2003 is an outstanding calendar. So much so that we have added a guarantee... a guarantee that BoC 2003 will Inspire Conversation.

Do you care? We hope so. Will you buy it and give it and hang it and discuss it? Time will tell.


Sue Richards, August 2002

Contact Sue Richards at [email protected]

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